Canela Laude-Arce

Canela Laude-Arce is a French-Peruvian documentary photographer born in 1997. Her photographic work is oriented towards issues of gender, political action and identity.

Her work focuses on the changes in society that arise from the political mobilisation of feminisms, and how certain spaces that have long been predominantly considered masculine evolve.

She is also interested in the intersection of intimate histories and social issues, and in incorporating a collaborative aspect into her practice.

After completing a BA in Comparative Literature and an MA in Political Science, she turned to photography as a way of expressing the stories that mobilised her in these disciplines. After her master's degree, she worked in 2019 for 6 months at the Agence MYOP in Paris. She graduated from the photojournalism and documentary photography course at EMI-Cfd in 2021.

Her work has appeared in Censored Magazine, Shado Magazine, Axelle Magazine and Wayka Peru. 

Canela speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. 


2021, War-Mi Collective residency, aimed at photographers identifying as women and based in Latin America. 

2021, Canon Student Development Program at Visa pour l'Image. 


2020, 'La Brigada Serpientes', exhibition at the Institute of Higher Latin American Studies (IHEAL), Paris

2019,  'In Our Shoes', exhibition of a collaborative project produced with the British Red Cross, Ambika P3, London


2021, Fanzine "On nous vole tout sauf la peur" avec Censored Magazine. 

2021, Collective work "Après", EMI-Cfd, Paris.

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